For 55 years, we have been working not only on new homes, but also collecting new memories.
This is because we believe that the most valuable thing to be collected is one’s memories.

We take pride in being the common point of good memories for hundreds of thousands of our friends that
have added value to hundreds of our projects, and we see ourselves as one big family.

Now we are offering you Yeşilyaka, where you will add new memories to your most beautiful and unforgettable
ones, and feel young in every moment thanks to the magnificent nature surrounding it.



Imagine a life where you wake up surrounded by all shades of green, stepping right into the blue once out of your villa.
A life in close proximity to nature and calming waters, with inherent ties to the city.

Those that cannot imagine a life away from nature have begun a new life in Yeşilyaka Koru!

In villas surrounded by forests, away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, you can live every moment as if you were on vacation.
Yeşilyaka Koru and Yeşilyaka Su offer the best options for your family.
You can still find peace in the heart of nature while not worrying about transportation, your social life or other needs.

Yeşilyaka offers the perfect combination of nature and city to give you the premium lifestyle you have been dreaming of having in Istanbul.


In 1969 Mesa Mesken, then named as Mesa Mesken, started its journey to add value to lives and be the “trailblazer” in the industry. Through bold and innovative steps, Mesa Mesken continues to soar upon the shoulders of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have placed trust in the Mesa Mesken brand in almost every single area it operates. Creating designs that take into account a holistic approach towards house construction, Mesa Mesken has introduced the “Branded Housing” concept, setting new standards and changing perceptions of housing estates.

Mesa Mesken is involved in every production stage including its infrastructure works and landscaping from the initial design stage to its delivery and after delivery services. Mesa Mesken has built and settled more than 130.000 houses on 14.000.000 square meters to date. All Mesa Mesken products are hallmarks of the company’s unique quality based vision. With a workforce of nearly 10.000 qualified employees strengthening the company’s core, Mesa Mesken affirms it’s stature as a strong corporate entity entrusted by all.

Mesa Mesken has become a trusted “Life Brand” by continuously expanding into new areas of investment that goes beyond its original mission as a provider of branded housing. By combining entrepreneurship with contractorship and manufacturing, Mesa Mesken carries out its outstanding award recognized performance. In addition to providing superior housing complexes with their solid infrastructure, technical and social facilities and finely executed landscape plans we are also building business centers, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, tourism and sports facilities, city parks, health and cultural centers, office buildings, industrial facilities and lots of other similar superstructures both locally and abroad. While Mesa Mesken organizations undertake design, planning and construction works to ensure the safe progress of building projects, the company also manufactures building components for the construction industry such as steel formwork, steel meshes, woodwork and joinery, precast materials and especially tunnel formwork, steaming ahead to global leadership and ensuring exceptional quality of workmanship.

Mesa Mesken is proud to give an “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” for every building and operates a “Customer Service Department” that brings a new dimension to quality service through prompt interventions in case of unforeseen complaints that may occur. Like some of its innovations it has brought to the mass housing sector such as “Steel Tunnel Formwork Technology”, “Customer Service Department” and “Housing Estate Maintenance Service” which are all “firsts” in the industry, Mesa Mesken is stepping into other sectors with greater confidence, taking pride in designing the next 50 years of Mesa Mesken based on its strong and well recognized principles and values.


Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş., the first and leading company of the Nurol group of companies, was founded in 1966 as an international contracting company, making a name for itself with many large-scale international and high-tech projects since its inception.

From 1980 to 1990, Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. shifted its activities on the international stage towards oil producing countries, namely the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, driven by its engineering-procurement-construction based "turnkey" projects, gaining a superior position among Turkish Contractors operating internationally. In the 90s, owing to its industry-leading position, Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. shifted its international activities to the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States through the agency of its subsidiaries. In 1991, just one year after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the first contracted project was undertaken in Turkmenistan, making us one of the first Western companies to operate in the region. By the 2000s, the Middle East and North African countries became the focus of our interest, and during this time, we focused our attention on domestic projects, completing a whole range of projects for superstructure and infrastructure investments.

As of 2019, Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. is operating in 15 countries on three continents, keeping its superior technological and administrative infrastructure, its leading position in the construction industry, its technical and administrative staff of more than 10,000, its robust pool of machinery/equipment, and its unbeatable financing capabilities. Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş., established in 1966 in Ankara and relocated to its new headquarters in Istanbul in 2015, is the core company of the Nurol Group, which consists of nearly 35 subsidiaries and partnerships. The company boasts a portfolio of projects with a total value of 10 billion USD, on top of continuing projects worth over 13 billion USD, and continues to leave its mark on major projects in almost all branches of the sector. Nurol İnşaat is included in both the "World's Largest Global Contractors" and "World's Largest International Contractors" lists, published by the US-based "Engineering News Record".The broad area of expertise held by Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. has played an important part in the successful completion of major infrastructure and superstructure projects around the world.

The compliance of Nurol İnşaat's activities with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, at the Head Office Level and with On-Site Projects, is regularly audited and documented by an international independent certification company accredited by DAkkS and TÜRKAK.

Taking firm steps towards the future, NUROL İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. carries a proud history of successes and achievements, mentioned here in brief, driven by its dynamics and the spirit which it has kept alive since day one.

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